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How to prevent blackheads

Blackhead is not a good sign for your skin surface health. Blackheads are unsightly black dot that appear on your face when pores in your skin get clogged. When pores get clogged, oil gets backed up and blackheads or whiteheads form. These are usually occurred due to some reasons, such as dirt, dust, perspiration, depression, anxiety, genetics, stress, hormones, nutrition shortage, lack of exercise, and lack of sleeping. Never be hopeless. Using facial strip and mask will frequently get rid of them. But they too often, they tend to come back, sometimes worse than ever. So what we want to do know is figure out how to prevent blackhead altogether. Here are few tips

1) First and simple method is washing your face twice in a day with gentle soap and its better if you are washing your face with lukewarm water because its helps to reduce excess oil from your skin and avoid the chance of infection. If you get black heads always ignore to squeeze it.

2) By doing this you are giving chance to depositing oil from your fingers.

3) After washing your skin with lukewarm water, if you are using pore-cleansing method it’s very good for your skin. Pore cleansing helps remove dead cells and hardened oil from the pores of your face. For this solution you should rub beauty grains and skin tonic very gently in circular way and when it gets dried up wash your face. This Method helps you to discourage formation of the blackheads. This helps in removing dead cells from your skin.

4) Clay masks is also very helpful to preventing blackheads for oily skin Clay mask very effective home remedy and people are using because of its good results. You should Avoid mask contains peppermint or mint texture because it can be irritating or harmful for your skin.

5) Whenever you go out for the protection of your skin and face do not forget to sandalwood cream because it contains germicidal quality

6) Daily masks help you to keep the pore free from grease

7) Use of Honey and Seaweed Mask prevent your face and blackheads with extremely satisfactory result. Its easy home made solution and beneficial for your skin.

8) To prevent your skin from infections and rashes, always try to use sterilized clean equipment. After touching your face and before squeezing the blackheads wash your hands properly with medicated soap.

9) Important step for preventing blackhead is always keeping your skin clean. By scrubbing the face you can not make your skin clear. In fact, too much scrubbing can irritate your skin and aggravate the acne. Always wash your face very gently.

Simple Ingredients for honey and seaweed mask:

Herbal powder, Seaweed lotion, Honey, Yogurt, Egg white

Method- Put all the ingredients in a bowl mix it well and apply evenly all on your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse it of with Luke warm water, by gentle circulatory strokes. This helps to clean your pores and this also helps to remove the dead cells form your skin.


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