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Foundation and Skin Type

Foundation is the base of your makeup. They are essential cosmetic products that provide you flawless and even complexion, on which you can apply all other makeup items. Being so important for your appearance, foundation needs to be selected with care. It is not only the color of the skin that matters, but you also need to consider few more things while buying foundation for yourself. Your skin type is an important factor in deciding suitability of makeup base for you. So let us have look at the points that matter for different skin types.

Oily & Problematic Skin The water-based, matte foundations are ideal for the oily and acne-prone skin. But if you are not satisfied with the coverage of matte foundation, you can easily improve it by applying a loose powder over it.

Dry Skin The needs of dry skin are totally different from that of the oily skin. So while choosing foundation for such a skin type, one need to make sure that it includes some amount of oil. You can go for an oil-based product with sheer look if you are young. However, if you are older, you can go for a moderate product that can cover wrinkles well. A great tip for people with dry skin is to apply a moisturizer before applying the makeup base.

Normal & Combination Skin The ones who are blessed with normal skin, you can go for a semi-matt coverage. However, if you have a combination skin with an oily, you must prepare skin before beginning to apply the makeup. Treat the oily portion with gentle astringent and nourish the dry parts with a moisturizer. After these basic steps, you can apply moderate coverage that matches the color of your skin. Choose a foundation that can provide you the best coverage for long hours.

Always choose foundation according to skin type When you are going to buy expensive foundation firstly know about your skin type. Your foundation should according to your skin and you can prevent from allergies or reactions. The last thing you want is another outbreak of pimples on skin. Those who have oily skin should buy totally oil free foundation. It’s also helpful in controlling the shine of your skin. If you have such an oily skin applying matte foundation is best for your oily skin. If you have dry skin, then foundation contains moisturizer is best for your skin.

Choose according to skin color and tone Most people make the mistake of buying foundation that does not suit their color or tone of face. Avoid this by knowing what category your skin tone and the color falls under.

Choose according to climate and environment Though most people don’t even consider this climate and environment while choosing foundation, it is important. Your lifestyle and environment around you also makes difference. Look at the natural color of the skin. Even if you dislike the shade, working with it by choosing color that matches will look better than trying to lighten or darker it.



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