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Blush Makeup

Blusher emphasizes facial contour and accentuates inner beauty. Blushers come with highlighting color that is applied mainly on cheeks. Blushers come in different hues, tones and consistencies. It is easy to get confused while choosing right blush for right skin. Blush is often last cosmetic to be used on face while doing makeup. Here are some tips to applying blush:

1) A little shimmer on highest point of cheekbone near eyes lends you an instant good look.

2) Gel and liquid are best to get rosy cheeks but since they stain the skin be sure to wash your hand after applying them.

3) Gels are dabbed as dot on apple of cheek and two smaller dots on cheekbone and rubbed in small circles to blend them well all the way from cheek to hairline. Cream blush can be used on lips for the sheer and soft color and should be applied using the fingertips.

4) Dusky pink blush warms and freshens up your face, especially on the tendons below ears, but blush on chin may not look good, if your neck is lighter than your face.

5) Accentuate the cheekbones by using slightly darker shade there while blending it down the cheek for more natural look.

6) Clean blush brushes are important to avoid bacteria transfer in the skin and thus, one should clean them with non-soapy cleanser and baby wipes.

7) Make your face look wider, by looking straight into a mirror and applying blusher on cheekbone from under the center of the eyes to the temple. Suck in cheeks and use the darkest shade in the hollow making as “C” shape up to the temples but not higher than eyebrows.

8) Use lighter shade on top of cheekbones and stop before under eye area. You can add the little lush on tip of the nose, forehead and chin.

9) Never use blush on underside of the cheekbones.

10) Cream blush can be blotted off using the tissue while applying translucent powder can dilute powder blush. However, gel and liquid blush have to be washed from the face and the makeup has to be redone.

11) Frosted blush may not be very good idea after all and frost on lips or eyes are more in the fashion during night parties. Still, you can get that look by applying light colored frosted eye shadow or lipstick such as gold, silver, light pink, peach, champagne and beige on the top of cheekbones. Frosted highlighting powder is also available in market to be used on any part of your face.

12) The best method to apply blush is to take the blush on brush and tap off any extra color in the box itself.

13) To find out actual position of the apple of your cheek, look into mirror and smile and then sweep the brush upwards in an arc from your cheekbone to hairline. Color should be very light

14) To make your face look longer, focus your blush on outer area of the face and near your hairline.

15) Often the small blush brushes that come with the cosmetic is of no use. A full round brush gives a professional look and make overall look softer and more desirable. It is important to have separate brushes for the blush and powder.

16) Powder blush should always be applied in one direction to avoid the streaking.



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